HOSTING-MASTER.COM provide full server and database backups on an offsite cloud solution for best-of-breed redundancy every week. You as web account owner, through your account’s CPANEL administrator dashboard, are encouraged to download backups of your website weekly as well. Your important site can never be backed up enough. Backups work! Backups save you time and money in the event of a failure.

Our backups are critical should there be any single-point of failure or compromise to the server from outside sources.
We recommend all hosting clients perform backups of their site through their CPANEL back-end weekly. It is also helpful if clients use FTP to download backups of their site to a CD or to their local desktop.

For your added protection, for only $15 per month added to your hosting account, we can provide daily backups of your website offsite on your own SSD storage cube. This gives you the security of instant restoration of your site hosted on our SSD servers.

By using a daily backup, you will be ensuring that should your account be compromised or corrupted, you would be only 1 day away from the last change.

If you are running an active blog or website where you adding content daily, you are advised to invest in this extra $15 for managing your daily backup. Your backups will be stored on an SSD storage cube so that the daily backup will not bloat your hosting server storage. It will help you restore your site in an emergency because the Heroic Support team will know exactly where to find your backup.

Backups should be done religiously at a minimum once a week and in extreme cases once a day. Learn to back up your site. Log into your Cpanel. Look for “Backup Wizard.” Do a complete backup backing up both your files and your database. It will back up to your root server /public_html/ directory. Then, should a restoration be required, the team can just pull from your most recent backups. This is not as safe, however, as the optional SSD storage cube. Should your site go down, backups within your root could be corrupted or lost.

Together we will win the war against hackers and intruders by better backups systemwide!

+Ken Freeman