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What You Need for selling online! How to pick from the many E-Commerce Tools

Ready to start selling online? Hosting-Master.com recommends all kinds of tools and services to help you get started, but first, there are a few key things you need to know. To sell products on your website, you need:

The big news is that the number one WordPress based e-commerce tool that powers 30% of all e-commerce sites is now a core element of WordPress. This means you don’t have to look much further than your own WordPress to find Woo Commerce! It works with Stripe and you can signup your Stripe right here!

The Ability to Accept Payments: Unless you are planning to give away your products for free, your customers will need a way to pay for the products they wish to purchase. What types of payments will you accept? There are lots of options – PayPal, credit cards, phone orders, checks, gift cards, etc. Whatever method(s) you select, these should integrate seamlessly with your shopping cart. Hosting-Master.com offers a few complete solutions that we will explain on our “Merchant Accounts page“.

Some E-Commerce Tools are solutions to help you work better. If you sell just a few products you may be better off with a plugin or a theme designed for E-Commerce. However for a larger list of products you will likely need a full shopping cart capable of different ways of showing your product, options, colors, wish list, recommended other products and more. These are usually more costly! (typically a charge per transaction), and others work better if you have an active store (typically a monthly charge for a large number of transactions). Be sure to compare these solutions to find one that would work best for your business.

Hosting-Master.com is available for consultation about the E-Commerce tools best suited for your business or nonprofit and recommends the following E-Commerce providers for your site to enable a full-blown interactive and social media enabled shopping cart that can also be your complete website.

Big Commerce

3D Cart

There is also a wide range of available Themes and Plugins within WordPress, that through their built-in E-Commerce Tools allow you to instantly create your store. There are also a variety of plugins that can make any WordPress theme a complete store.

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