Hosting Attacks

Hacker Attacks

Hosting Attacks

Protecting you from Hacker Attacks

HOSTING-MASTER.COM like many other services providing commercial hosting were the target of a recent “Cyber Army” attack from the middle east. We are proud of the security team and technical support team that worked beyond our highest expectations getting all of our compromised sites back up and working properly. Even when HostGator failed us miserably leaving 3000 malicious hacker files among our 1 million files, when we moved to Liquid Web, the Heroic support team caught every file and gave us a clean bill of health.

1. Keep your website upgraded. If you are not regularly using your WordPress site’s administrative area, you should. Upgrade notices come almost on a weekly basis due to the high level of hacking now going on throughout the web hosting community. As WordPress regularly updates, all themes and plugins also have to update. Keeping those updates managed can be a daunting, never-ending task.

2. Change your password monthly. When generating a new password, always use a “strong” password and inform our office of the password change. If you are not familiar with password generation, ask your hosting-master to strengthen your password. Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Rather than something like admin2000 create a rich password like !Pass.4.YOURINITIALS&2015!

3. Back up your site weekly. Using your CPanel administrator control panel for your server account, back up your site remotely to your desktop weekly. Active backups are essential. This way if your site is corrupted or compromised, a back up from last week will be available. The only thing you would lose would be changes to your site during that week.

These three steps can wreck the hacker from being able to complete his shady deed.

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