How may our hosting help desk help you?

Please give us the details of your problem. Contact us for help! Expect a prompt response.

Your site appears to be down. Your email is not working. You can’t access your wp-admin! Your blocked out! This is when you need to contact our us! Our help is available 24/7 by email.

Responses are normally within the hour. In most cases, the outage will be temporary or caused by a fouled configuration. If you are blocked from your server, chances are you attempted a bad password or mistyped a password more than three times. After 3 times you are blocked from our firewall. This protects your site from Brute Force attacks. Contact your Hosting Help Desk to have the block removed. Because we protect your server account with strict IP address HTAccess rules, if you attempt to login and get a strange 404 error, this means your IP has changed. Bookmark the Hosting Help Desk Page while you are here if you need to contact us again.

WhatsMyIp.Net and use this site to find your current IP. Then, email or telephone your IP address to the office so that we can whitelist that new IP address.

All Hosting Help Desk support requests are validated within hours. (*Support for web design, editing or new services other than hosting are subject to our XTreme Support Services rates. Third party programs, applications and products are not supported under free Hosting Help Desk services.) Our help desk is strictly for repair of hosting and email issues.