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News offera timely updates in addition our regular feeds to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as our way of keeping you up-to-date on the issues surrounding your WordPress hosting. Web Hosting News includes dedicated web hosting server and active web hosting information. Our goal in providing the Hosting news is simply to keep you, the hosting client engaged and informed. An informed hosting client is more interested in keeping their site safe and fully updated.

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All website owners are encouraged to sign up for free to receive time-sensitive updates directives from the hosting-master to you, the site owner. This is not a mail list for general public. This is for those who are hosting on or buyers of our SSD servers. There is no cost to join our mail list. There will be no spam. We only communicate professionally to our hosting clients. We respect your business and realize the last thing you want is more email. However, this is the one way we can communicate quickly with our many hosting clients to inform you of breaking or important update news.

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