Make a Payment to add WordPress Management Support to your existing WordPress Plan ($9.95 per month)

This plan provides you with complete remote WordPress Managed Support for updating and refreshing your WordPress site as needed including all plugins, theme and WordPress version.

WordPress Managed Support is a service that monitors, maintains and updates all plugins, theme, and WordPress version updates along with keeping your site secure from hackers by keeping all elements of your site up-to-date with the most secure plugins, theme and WordPress versions. This form of WordPress Management Support is enabled by your allowing us to install a remote plugin which allows us to monitor your updates for you remotely. Non-payment of your WordPress managed support service will result in your updates not being performed leaving your site open to hackers in the future.

All fees paid to WordPress Managed support are non-refundable. To cancel WordPress Managed Support please call 214 703 0505 to provide a 30-day advanced notice of cancellation.