Migration to the Cloud

Hosting is getting better for everyone.
Now you have choices! Migration to the Cloud

With the expansion and vast improvements of the cloud vs the traditional single server approach to hosting, site owners have more choices. WordPress-based websites are a special breed of sites. Unless the host is WordPress concentric, you will discover that most hosts say that WordPress problems are not within their range of support.

Thus, it is important to host with only those hosts who are experienced WordPress hosting providers with a focus on your site’s security and vulnerabilities.

Such a host is Hosting-Master.com who has partnered with a major WordPress-focused Cloud provider with completely owned multiple data centers throughout Michigan and Arizona. By moving your site to our cloud, you immediately discover several key benefits. No longer is your site threatened by a number of possible failures such as power supplies or hard drive failures.

Further, your site is completely backed up each and every week offsite! This way if the entire cloud was destroyed or vaporized, your website backup would be available to any live server available.


Currently, support for WordPress required updates to be done remotely as needed. However, it is a dangerous practice to update any live WordPress website. While updates often occur without an issue, one failed download, a file missing or a single letter mistyped could cause a new plugin to wipe out your WordPress website with a “server error.”

Thus, the safest way to update is to migrate your site to a sandbox development area, so that the site can be updated and tested before being turned on live. This best practice is best served on the cloud. Traditionally, it would require over 1000 files to be moved to another server. Then, the domain dns would require a 48 hour window of ‘downtime’ before the sandbox site was live.

After the update, a traditional server migration would require the return of the 1000 files to the live server while another 48 hour promulgation period would keep the site down another two days.

With the cloud, sandbox migration is a single click process. Your sandbox site works as needed and when it is ready to reinstall, with one click we can send it back to the live site. The process is virtually seamless and requires special dns proxy routing. The good news, the hosting team can figure that out for you.


As dependable as hosting on a traditional server can be, it all depends on the health of that single server and the individual that owns the server. Let’s say your current host decided to get out of the hosting business. What would happen to your website? With a cloud provider, you are safe. Your site will always be there. What would happen if your web provider became ill and died? If you are hosting on the cloud, you are safe.

It makes all the sense in the world to migrate to the cloud! Better redunancy. Safer backups. Safer updates. Support that really cares about your site’s security and protection.

Sign up today and migrate to the cloud!