Managed WordPress Hosting


HOSTING-MASTER.COM has just announced the latest in our expanded Manaaged WordPress hosting services.

Let’s face it, most website owners don not have time to manage their WordPress website. While the ease of managing and editing their pages, when it comes to security and on-going updates, many fail to manage their sites. This is why managed WordPress hosting is so important!

Un-Updated WordPress Sites are a major SECURITY RISK!
An unsupported, un-updated WordPress is a security threat! Hackers love stale, non-updated WordPress sites. Older plugins may not have every door closed to vulnerabilities. Thus, unless your WordPress is updated to the newest versions, chances that your site could be hacked.

Now, offers a fully supported, managed WordPress Hosting, a complete set of professional and secure hosting plans.

See our managed WordPress hosting plans: SEE OUR HOSTING PLANS

What does Hosting-Master Managed hosting cover?

It means safety, security and the peace of knowing your WordPress site is up and running without problems. It means that our team of WordPress specialists are watching and monitoring your WordPress site daily searching for notifications of updates to any of your plugins, theme or WordPress version. We test the updates to insure they don’t break your site before we mount an updating process. The goal is to further insure your site safety.