About our Managed WordPress Hosting Support

*Includes full service Managed WordPress Hosting Support and complete LiquidWeb Storm Server Cloud Hosting and weekly backups.

About Storm Server Cloud Hosting and the Managed WordPress Hosting Support we provide
Storm Servers are the product of LiquidWeb hosting based in Michigan and Arizona who provide wholly-owned and operated data centers in three strategic locations nationally. Each could-based server is wrapped in it’s own CFS FireWall and hardened with Mod-Security, CPHulk and .htacess rules for blocking all but permitted IP’s from accessing the WordPress admin area.


Site-Keeper.com provides managed WordPress support for your site. This includes daily monitoring of your website, and upon notice of the account, we complete the update, test the site.. Normally the process is within just an hour compared to traditional testing and repairs made to the live site that could often keep your site down for 4-6 hours.

Hosting-Master.com uses only SSD Servers hosted on Managed Hosting Datacenters in multiple states

To insure your WordPress is hosted in the best environment, we utilize only SSD servers and SSD server backup storage to insure your WordPress is lightning fast and securely provided so that your WordPress is safe from hackers and brute-force invasions. Combine with the active Managed WordPress Support of Site-Keeper.com, your WordPress rocks day and night like it should without interruptions and outages.


+Ken Freeman