Security Vulnerability: Linux Server OpenSSL (“Heartbleed”)

heartbleed bug
On April 07, 2014 the HeartBleed threat, a severe vulnerability in OpenSSL was announced.
Known formally as â EURO oeTLS heartbleed read overrun (CVE-2014-0160)â EURO oe, and dubbed the “Heartbleed Bug”, this flaw allows for the theft of information normally protected by SSL/TLS encryption. Specifically, the Heartbleed Bug allows memory to be read on systems using OpenSSL 1.0.1 before 1.0.1g, which can compromise private/secret keys used to encrypt data and application traffic. At the very least, this would allow attackers to impersonate users and services, and provide a means for data theft.

Working closely with the security support team at, the data center that houses our dedicated, cloud-based SSD highspeed server, had our servers updated/patched and rebooted safely before the Hearbleed Bug arrived. Thus, all of you hosting with us on are safe from the Heartbleed Bug. Heartbleed is not a threat to Hosting-Master’s clients.

This is just another reason that’s support is referred to as “Heroic Support!” a WordPress Optimized high speed host provider to WordPress site owners.

This is a huge reason why you should host with a dependable, trustworthy host who is looking out for your security even while you sleep. is dedicated to providing safe hosting for all our clients.

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